Privacy Policy

We at along with our associates strive to provide our users with the best services. Once you sign up on our website, you have to agree to all our terms and conditions of service along with our privacy policy and disclosure agreement. Please read our terms and conditions of service before you become a member of our website. Our terms and conditions of service touch upon the various prerequisites that you must meet in order to become a member on our website.

Our team reserves the right to terminate or suspend any member’s contract if our terms of service, privacy policy or disclosure agreement are breached by any existing member.

Membership Criteria
You become a member on the basis of the information you provide to us and we trust that the information disclosed by the client is accurate and valid. Our team is in no way responsible for verifying the accuracy of the information submitted by the client. An individual should at least be 18 years old in order to become a member of and the maximum age limit for being a member is 75 years of age. By becoming a member, you are exercising your right to enter into a contract which is not curtailed by the law. You also solicit that you are of the right age and you have the right and legal authority to enter into this Agreement contract. During the course of your membership, owner has the right to terminate or disable your account if we have reason to believe that you are underage or you have breached or violated our Agreement in any way.

Contact Policy
All members have the facility to contact us. We may also voluntarily contact you if the need arises to assist, support or aid you regarding our value added services. If you wish to unsubscribe from our communication services brought to you via email, you can do so by simply leaving an email at our e-mail address. Our team may continue to contact you at their discretion if you do not inform us about the discontinuance of our communication services. In accordance with our contact policy, you have consciously agreed to indemnify against any direct or indirect loss, consequences, costs, damages or penalties due to violation of our terms and conditions of service.

In order to communicate with you, we may send emails regarding notifications, agreements and disclosures. By becoming a member on our site, you accept to receive our emails.

Statement of Privacy Policy
All members are requested to read the privacy policy statement before becoming a member in order to understand how we work. By agreeing to the privacy policy, the individual permits the appearance of his or her profile on any search engine or any other network where cannot exercise its control. Our team is not liable or responsible for any omissions, representations or errors made on any of its links or pages.

All clients are required to provide accurate information to avoid misrepresentation. Other linked websites on are not our virtual property and we have no right to exert control over them. If changes occur in our privacy policy statement, we reserve the right to change certain features and services offered based on the requests of members.