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We are happily married :)

He is just a few weeks being a member in I said my first Salam to him. He reply. And we decided to talk. Since then we just can't be alienated any longer. He is my match made from paradise. After 32 days of communicate he certain to come to our home to meet my mom and my family. He proposed and of course yes was definitely my reply. We do our service of wedding in Pakistan. I never thought that I will be blessing with a soul mate behind what I have gone through. Yes..Allah is the best plotter. Allah knows what is finest for us. Just effort on it and leave it to Allah. Insha Allah.. We are gladly married now and I will be joining him in Lahore soon. I am blessed with such a pleasant and kind family in law. They recognized me well and I just click with his siblings. May our wedding last till Jannah. Both of us wish other members a best of luck and continue on trying do not depression as Allah is watching. When your time come you will find your soul mate in no time. Thank you for being a platform for our beautiful destination.